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Boudrias Groves
2898 S King’s HWY
Fort Pierce, Florida  34945

(800) 226-2575
(772) 465-9941 FAX
(772) 461-3220 LOCAL

I only eat the very best!
Roland and his Auntie Jo love a tomato and onion
sandwich and swear by the slogan ‘A tomato a day
keeps the Doctors away’. We eat our sandwiches
And salads piled high with Florida grown,
vine-ripened, deep red tomatoes. There is no need
to do without these fresh beauties in the winter.
We can pack and ship them to your door.  Each 10 lb.
tray comes with 15 tomatoes in a foam insert
to protect them.
Product CodeDescription Price
TOM10FAMILY PACK APPROX. 10 lbs. 39.95